Monkey Detector web service!

The monkey detector is temporarily live as a web service (I’m using the free version of Roboflow for image recognition – to save on server resources – so it will run out at some point)

Try it out! Send an image via curl like so*:

curl -X POST -F "file=@image.jpg"

For example if your filename is monkey.jpg then it’s “file=@monkey.jpg” You should see True or False as a response in the terminal.

Successful monkeys detected will be displayed on this web page: – just re-fresh the page after your POST request.

This service will eventually be part of the Monkey Squirter project.

*please be nice and don’t spam my service, right now the server is pretty overloaded and running low on resources!

Magic Poi Lite Firmware (Definitive Version)

Ever had your computer crash and had to re-install the OS, then restore all of your projects one by one, only to forget about an important file and re-do all of the work?

I did the test firmware for Magic Poi Lite 7 months and one Laptop crash ago. Today I went to upload the firmware I worked on all last week and it turns out I already have a GitHub repo set up – for the same project – which I forgot about.

Turns out the new version is better though, so here it is: – made in PlatformIO, now with bonus Documentation!

In case you didn’t already know, Magic Poi Lite is the single colour version of Magic Poi – WiFi enabled, internet connected flashy lights poi.