Arduino Overview

It’s a great time to learn how to program microcontrollers. Arduino is the easiest way to learn!

Get Arduino Hardware:

buy a kit:

get the boards separate:

I recommend having at least one Arduino Uno, and two Arduino Nano’s, each with breadboards, USB and jumper cables, as well as a selection of components to start with. Trust me, you will want more.

Get Arduino Software:

That’s it, run the program (Web or desktop version) and check out the examples!

*Quick note for Linux users: the software requires special permissions. Check out the instructions here.

Some projects to check out from this site:

  1. Hot Wheels Racing Finish Line (using light sensors and Arduino Nano)
  2. Christmas Window Light Decoration (with LED Strip and Arduino Uno)
  3. Pedestrian Crossing (with LED’s and Arduino Uno)