Tom Hastings, Circus Scientist here.

Like the tag line says, I like using technology in my performance, most notably in my Electric Glow Juggling show, with my own brand of Graphic Poi.

Other interests which may show up in this blog are cross-platform programming (Linux/Windows/Android) using Processing or just plain Java/Java for Android, occasionally AHK or bash, and a little bit of c or anything else I can copy paste (NOT python) Also loads of Arduino embedded stuff, mainly flashy lights, and music DAW use, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu Server, what ever gets the job done.

If you want to contact me about a shared interest you can do so by email: tomjuggler at gmail dot com

You can find me at my entertainment business website: www.bigtop.co.za

Also, github: github.com/tomjuggler –  most of my code is hosted on bitbucket privately but I am trying to clean some stuff up enough to post publicly (don’t hold your breath, messy programmer)

Apps on the Google Play Store: (many more to come)

invisible deck practiser – for magicians only

made up stories – record a new story for your kid every night, play it back in the car while driving

My hit song on SoundCloud (with Kaylin Naidoo):

22000 listens and counting. If only I could get all those people in a venue, and get them to pay to hear me…