Deploying Laser Beam

Images of Plant Pot Laser and sensor:

Can you spot the laser?
I used a high power laser which I had, only powered with 4v though
Power supply for the laser
Two empty plant pots…
Laser is almost pointing at the sensor inside!

Did it work?

Yes, the circuit worked. The breadboard I placed inside, with the indicator LED placed prominently.

Breadboard with wires for LED and LDR sensor going outside.
Indicator LED which lights up when the beam is cut.

I also wrote some test code to log how many times the beam is cut to EEPROM, so I can check this later. I will post this code once I have finished checking it.

Last night I switched off the circuit as our laundry was blowing in the wind and breaking the beam (and anyway I haven’t connected an alarm or anything) and guess what, we had intruders in our yard again. This time they woke us up ripping the copper water pipes off of our building!

So anyways the plumbers have been and now this is going to be turning into a full series on DIY HOME SECURITY. And also some pro home security because it’s important.

Next up: interfacing Arduino home made alarm with Professional IR Beams!