Get started with Juggling

Juggling can be an advanced activity, but it doesn’t take much to get started. Here are my recommendations if you want to try. *I do receive a commission if you purchase any of these products

1. Spinning Plate

The spinning plate is possibly the easiest prop to master. It’s also really fun to do.

2. Diabolo

The diabolo is easier than ball juggling to get started, but the possibilities are endless.

3. Beginners Juggling Set

Not sure how to juggle? Get a juggling set, complete with instructions.

4. Juggling in the dark

Already mastered juggling? This is how to use your skills to really impress. LED juggling balls!

5. Pro Juggling

If you are a pro, choose the best equipment on the market: Henry’s.

Anyone can get started with juggling, even if it’s just with tennis balls or apples. Look up some tutorials on YouTube and have fun!

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