Corona Virus South Africa – helpful links

Like everybody else around the world I am deeply affected by the Corvid-19 virus. Rather than watch Netflix all day (we do a lot of that too!) I am trying to get informed with online information. Here is what I have found so far:

  1. Pretoria University Data Science division is possibly the best source of up-to-date info on the spread of the disease. Check out their dashboard here:
  2. Using the data provided by the researchers above I have created an Android App to track the spread of the virus, which updates using their open data sources. The preliminary app is available here:
  3. Somebody else made an South African online map based on the same data here:
  4. There is more information at the official National Institute for Disease Control website here:
  5. Credit to the researchers at Pretoria University who compile the data used in my app:
  6. Official South African Government information site:
  7. The most comprehensive world wide data map I have found (international):
  8. These guys made a developer resource with an API for corvid-19 tracking data here: – I am looking at using this API for a world map to track the spread in my own way (Using Processing of course)

Finally I would like to mention that the biggest problem, apart from infection that is, is how we are going to be making ends meet during the lockdown? I wrote a blog post about some of my ideas, what are you doing to cope?

You can contact me on tomjuggler at gmail dot com or twitter @tomjugglertom

Everybody please stay safe, and above all, keep calm, stay home and wash your hands.