Smart Poi Android streaming app control demo video

This is a bit old now, I have integrated all the functionality shown here into one large app since, however the video does give a good idea of the functionality.

When spun in this video, the poi look choppy due to the low frame rate. Please take my word for it, they look a lot better in real life. I have a better looking video of both sizes of poi being spun here:

2 thoughts on “Smart Poi Android streaming app control demo video”

  1. Do you have a guide to making these POV poi? I am currently in the middle of making a similar set and stumbled across your videos. The ones I am making only have 36 pixels which looks the size of about your smaller POV poi. Do you have any plans of publishing a “how to” or the parts/software you used to design the poi? It looks like your version has a couple superior designs such as a mobile app for control. After starting a similar project myself, I have seen the time and skill to conquer a task like this. I plan on once I am finished, sharing my designs and plans to anyone else wishing to take on this feat. Just wanting to compare designs because I see a lot of features in your poi that would be great to transfer over.

    1. Zach thanks for the interest. I am absolutely going to be doing a how to on the poi, and sharing all the software used as well. I am very interested hearing about your design. The “Smart Poi” design is only the latest in a long history of my trying to make POV poi for my show. Please see for a starter test circuit and some (working) code for the D1 Mini. I actually used the ESP-01 (because it’s smaller) for my final poi, so I will have to add the circuit for that as well at some point. I see you signed up for updates on my home page, I will be emailing when any are available, I am working on an installer so the Android app will work for any device, and this should be on the Play Store at some point. The small poi are exactly 36 pixels so your strip will work great.

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