Advanced Arduino Editing

My favorite practical Arduino project is getting a bit large for Arduino IDE, so I am looking to move the development over to a “real” IDE. During the past few months I have enjoyed using Visual Studio Code (on my laptop running Xubuntu) for HTML editing. Since they have plugins I thought I would give it a go.

First attempt: has some impressive marketing out there. They also support esp8266 which for me is a must. Unfortunately it is another setup which requires an entire rewrite of the code (renaming all .ino files to .cpp for example) and for the amount of projects I have lying around and return to regularly that’s a definite pass. *UPDATE: unless there is no other choice!

Arduino Plugin:

There is a nice plugin for Arduino, however. It does require you to already have Arduino set up on your system (check). To set up the VSCode plugin you have to point it to the Arduino installation folder.

The ESP8266 is also supported! (you just need to add the board repository, kind of like how you add it to Arduino)

I also found a plugin to upload spiffs (esp8266 file system). *UPDATE: unfortunately spiffs is now obsolete and there is no upload option for LittleFS, the upgraded replacement.

So far in testing the whole thing works, uploading sketches just the same as Arduino, except now I have tab completion(the IDE completes your commands for you when you press <TAB>) and advanced syntax highlighting. Best of all, VSCode comes with Dark Mode!

I think I might enjoy it, going forward. The only issue so far is that VSCode is no lightweight, it seems to be using a fair amount of resources to run. Nowhere near Android Studio, however.

*UPDATE: Unfortunately the Arduino plugin somehow fails to support multiple .ino files for an Arduino sketch (!!!!!). Here is the bug report:

This is simply unusable as a result (sigh)

Guess I’m having another look at – for lack of alternatives!

If you stumble upon this post and have a solution please send me an email tomjuggler at gmail dot com

PS I did try the alpha version of Arduino: Arduino Pro IDE but it’s just that, alpha. 106 Errors in my code? But it still compiles and uploads fine?

Whatever happened to processing.js

I have mentioned this before, Processing is the greatest tool to code for me because it provides easy access to so many creative coding options. The main reason I love it so much is because it is cross-platform. I use the same code on the web, desktop and mobile apps (Android).

Now one of those options is less accessible for many new coders. Namely, processing.js.

What is processing.js?

If you don’t know, processing.js is simply a way for your processing (JAVA) code to be translated into JavaScript and run in a browser canvas window.

Why is it cool?

I love processing.js because it’s the easiest way to use the same code and get web-based sketches running on my own server. Just include a processing.js file and the processing sketch (with a tiny bit of html) and it works.

What to do now?

Processing wants us to start using P5.js which is the functionality of Processing but using JavaScript syntax. I am mainly an Android and Java programmer, so for me this is an unnecessary step (mainly involving changing all int’s and floats to var) and I personally will continue using processing.js.

But they took the website away!

Now we come to the reason for this post: they took away the website! If you try and go to website now you will find it’s been taken down by the maintainers. Only the github code is left for posterity. Well luckily there is always the wayback machine:

Processing.js is alive and well. It’s still working on my site, you can see a load of them all over this site, and on my cv even.