Don’t Copy VirtualHost files from https to http

This is really just a note to myself, regarding Apache VirtualHost files (probably applies to Nginx too). I spent a good hour trying to fix something that wasn’t broken today, isn’t that always the way. Turns out I left the part in that says “always load the https config” in which of course wasn’t there for an http only site (yes I’m using letsencrypt but not for this particular temporary setup..)

Also what is up with GoDaddy? I can’t get their Nameserver change thing to work. Apparently (according to the customer representative I chatted to) the initial DNS setup takes 5 (!) days on their side, after registering the domain. Actually first he told me to try it in an incognito window – which I had already tried after googling for a bit. I’m not entirely sure that the info I got was accurate but giving the benefit of the doubt for now, since I did forget and clicked on a few settings changes (and quickly changed them back) so it could be me.

End RAnt

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