ESP8266 libraries treasure trove

While looking for a new WiFi manager for my SmartPoi project, I stumbled upon a great resource: – a list of Arduino libraries broken down by architecture.

Just having a quick look, I have noticed some great libraries to help improve my ESP8266 based projects (I haven’t had a chance to look at these yet, but looking forward to it!):

some interesting esp8266 libraries:

    – interrupts for ESP8266! So useful.
    – Speed up EEProm and add wear levelling
    – Firebase? On ESP8266? Sounds like a challenge!
    – graphics library, not sure which displays this supports…
    – process scheduler, is this easy to use though?
    – hopefully this is better than doing it manually
    – more http requests wrappers
    – store settings in .json
  9. too many WiFi config libraries to list here, I saw at least 15!

These are only the few I was interested in personally, the site lists 244 libraries for ESP8266. Check it out!

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