The Circus Scientist Show

In my day job I often do circus shows at schools, for fun days and end of year events. Having had this experience over many years, I am proud to introduce a new school show focusing on technology.

The Concept:

This is a motivational show aimed at school kids. The purpose of the show is to showcase some amazing tech with the goal of inspiring children to consider a career in technology.


Fun with electronics and programming, featuring WiFi controlled LED’s, a full-screen projector display and interactive audience participation.


I plan to demonstrate the Raspberry Pi (with Scratch and Processing), Makey Makey (Banana piano and some of my own creations) and some Android apps for WiFi control, as well as Arduino programmed electronics projects.

It’s becoming easier to be a programmer but at the same time there is so much choice – I will be showcasing some of the most accessible learning technologies I have found in a fun, interactive way, via a live stage show.

Check out *concept website, under development. The actual content, duration and pricing is subject to change. ETA early 2023.

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