Making a living during the Corona virus outbreak..

My whole country is in lockdown right now. As a professional circus performer I am particularly affected by the order to stay at home…

As of writing this post, my last paying function, a small birthday party show, was a week and a half ago. I initially started uploading some crazy stuff to YouTube in the hopes that somebody might notice and donate to my family:

Then my wife had a great idea, why not offer an online show. Skype or Whatsapp video is a bit unreliable, so we came up with the idea of a custom, personalised video for parties, available as an mp4 download. Here is the trailer for our offering:

We have already received some enquiries about this video, here’s hoping enough people want one to make a difference to our financial situation here. I am charging $11 (US) for the full 20-25 min custom show video which will be available as a private download from my server (DigitalOcean of course)

If you are interested in booking the show, please check out for more details.

Finally, I uploaded an entire show I did for an audience of one (my son) last week. For all the kids who are bored at home:

I am going to continue making video’s and practising for the duration of the lockdown here, as well as working on my new CoronavirusSA tracking android app and other projects.

What are you doing to keep busy in these trying times?

tomjuggler at gmail dot com to get in touch

Remember, stay safe and wash hands people!