ESP8266 libraries treasure trove

While looking for a new WiFi manager for my SmartPoi project, I stumbled upon a great resource: – a list of Arduino libraries broken down by architecture.

Just having a quick look, I have noticed some great libraries to help improve my ESP8266 based projects (I haven’t had a chance to look at these yet, but looking forward to it!):

some interesting esp8266 libraries:

    – interrupts for ESP8266! So useful.
    – Speed up EEProm and add wear levelling
    – Firebase? On ESP8266? Sounds like a challenge!
    – graphics library, not sure which displays this supports…
    – process scheduler, is this easy to use though?
    – hopefully this is better than doing it manually
    – more http requests wrappers
    – store settings in .json
  9. too many WiFi config libraries to list here, I saw at least 15!

These are only the few I was interested in personally, the site lists 244 libraries for ESP8266. Check it out!

Advanced Arduino editing part 2

Now that I’ve had a chance to play with it for a bit, I really like VSCode a lot.

Here is my current setup for Arduino editing:

  1. Added arduino-snippets plugin (autocompletes arduino code such as “millis()” or “loop()”
  2. in c++ highlighting plugin (installed by default), disabled error squiggles
  3. right click and open folder (the one with the .ino files in)
  4. terminal (within VSCode)
  5. arduino –upload main.ino

The above setup does require Arduino to be installed and set up separately. The upload command for example is part of arduino install and uses the last settings (board and com port for example) that you set inside Arduino IDE.

I still think I might move over to eventually, but at least with this setup I don’t have to re-do all of my code.